Legacy of Kain: Revival

A fan game by Vincent Chevalier


After waiting for years for a new official game in the Legacy of Kain series, I decided to take upon myself to create a final chapter to this incredible story.

Development on this project started in january 2008 and was released early 2011.

Of course, this is a fan game.  So it is completely free and it does not represent the views or opinions of the legal owners of the Legacy of Kain franchise in any way.  I made this game because I love the Legacy of Kain franchise and I mean no harm to the legal owners.

In the game, I used a lot of copyright protected material from many games, owned by Konami, Capcom and others.  All of this material belongs to them and I make no ownership claim over this material.

Please read the disclaimer before going any further.

That being said, let's get to the fun part!

Plot of the game

Right after the events of Defiance, Kain wants to rid Nosgoth of the Elder God.  Unfortunately, after his first battle against the Elder God, Kain suffers from a strange weakness and loses many of his powers.

Sustained by the Soul Reaver, Kain embarks on a journey to recover his powers and protect the new timeline from the agents of the Elder God, the manipulations of Moebius and the fury of the Hylden.

Familiar faces return as Kain meets Vorador, the Hylden Seer, the Elder God, etc.  There is also a new character in the game.

About the game

This game was made to look like a Metroidvania game.  I think the genre fits Legacy of Kain perfectly.

Legacy of Kain: Revival is a 2D sidescroller game in which Kain travels through different areas within Nosgoth and the demon dimension where the Hylden were banished a long time ago.  Some areas are locked at first and Kain has to backtrack to open these new areas when he gets the proper powers or items.

Some parts of the game change depending on the actions you undertake as Kain.  You can accomplish objectives or ignore them.  These actions will be reflected on the ending of the game and the dialogs Kain has with some characters.

Requirements :

.NET framework 3.5

Video card that runs a recent version of OpenGL

A relatively performant computer

To run this game, you need .NET framework 3.5.  This means that the game can only be played by windows users, unless there is a work around to install .NET framework on another platform, but I know nothing of that.

With the game comes all the plugins and libraries to run it, including a version of OpenTK (for OpenGL).

I developped the game on a five years old computer that was quite good back in the days but which is pretty average by today's standards.  The game should run on many computers, you don't need a monster to make it work.  But you may notice framerate drops on laptops or slow and old computers.  Sometimes restarting the game solves the problem, sometimes not.

For those who would like to play the game on a mac, a computer with linux or their cellphone: sorry, I don't see how that would be possible without porting the game and I don't plan to.

A little galery

A couple of screenshots of the game:





Very special thanks!

Although this game was pretty much a solo effort, it would not have been possible without the great help and support of these special friends:

Jonathan "Joy" Gauthier: helped me out with graphics and drew the early sprites of Kain.  He also made great suggestions on level design and tested the early versions extensively.  He's the one that made this project possible in the first place.  See his web site in the link section!

Raina Audron:  Without her, this game would be downright ugly!  She took upon herself the titanic task of drawing almost all of the main sprites.  Plus, she offered me help with some plot elements and she gave me the right to use her home made Legacy of Kain OST.  I can't thank her enough!  See her website in the links section.

Benjamin "bluemonkmn" Marty: he's the author of the Scrolling Game Development Kit, a wonderful application to create games.  His program is great and he's always willing to help.  Without his help, this game wouldn't be half of what it is now.  Check out SGDK2 in the links section!

Durnurd and the rest of SGDK2 community: Thanks for your help guys!  Great pieces of code, pointers, suggestions and testing.

Kevin "Mr Dude" Champoux: that's the ultimate beta tester right there!  He played the game multiple times in many versions, made great and funny videos of bugs and glitches.  Boy, I'm glad you were there for me buddy!

Last but not least, my wife: for listening me babble about this game for about two years.  Although she's not a gamer at all, she tested the game, shared my joys and cheered me when it got rough.  I love you Gen!