Legacy of Kain: Revival

A fan game by Vincent Chevalier

Legacy of Kain: Revival - Official Release!

After about a month and a half in beta version, I don't get much feedback anymore so it is time for the official release!

Download and play now!!!

Legacy of Kain: Revival

For those who wonder what changed between beta and official release, here is the list of bug fix and added features:

  •  Added a dialog after Nexus is defeated to clarify what must be done to stop Hylden invasion (last part of the Nexus objectives)
  • Solved some FPS problems depending on the computer
  • Modified image of cracked floor in Mansion that wasn't cracked at all
  • Solved an issue that caused the Hylden Seer to mention Vorador even if Vorador wasn't resurrected prior to the conversation with Kain.
  • Added a message when Kain goes back to crypt to resurrect Vorador: blocked entrance confused some players.
  • Solved many text mistakes (hopefully all of them...)
  • Solved a bug that caused the EG tentacle to die too fast and not completely (parts of the tentacle were "undying")
  • Sprite loading problem (caused many index out of range exceptions that crashed the whole game: oh my!)
  • Skill selector error (probably solved along with sprite loading problem)
  • Encyclopedia error (probably solved along with sprite loading problem)
  • Move Strength Boost Power to make it hard not to get
  • Solved a major last minute bug that caused life and magic upgrades to be ignored on loaded games

Legacy of Kain: Revival - Beta

There it is fellow Legacy of Kain fans: the beta version of Legacy of Kain: Revivaljust in time for the holidays. Enjoy!

Don't forget to give me feedback in the forums.  If you are not a registered member, now is the perfect time to become one.  :)

Legacy of Kain: Revival Beta

Edit: I removed the download link

Legacy of Kain: Revival - Trailer

A superb trailer made by Raina.  Don't forget to subscribe to her youtube channel for more LoK videos! :) 

Onward to the trailer!

Legacy of Kain: Revival - First alpha version

This is a very early version of the game.  It took about 10 months of work to get to this result.  For those interested in this early version, here is the link to download it:

Legacy of Kain: Revival Alpha

Rest assured, the complete beta version is a lot better. :)

Edit: I removed the downlink link